You Have A New Restaurant? Here’s How You Should Promote It!

If you haven’t read the part 1 of challenges that restaurant start-ups face, I recommend you read that first. We’re further breaking down and dedicating a post to each challenge we’ll be talking about.

darwin, adaptability, learning, philosophy, food, marketing
How adaptable are you?

Learning is key and adaptability is the resource.

First up… MARKETING.

Challenges have different meanings. But, my version is – a gap between planning and execution that perfectly fits the dynamics of a restaurant. Trust me when I say this – Every restaurateur I’ve met in my life began his or her journey expecting something from the startup and ending up with something else altogether.

restaurant, start up, challenges, marketing
Be prepared for lots of unexpected twists and turns!

Restaurant marketing is not similar to any other product level marketing we see on TV, newspapers or even magazines. It’s more personal in nature – you know why? Because food is a basic necessity.

burger king, mc donalds, in & out, kfc, burgers, cheese, yum, marketing, food
Giants like KFC and Burger King have different marketing models

Brands such as KFC, on a global scale, has a large segment of audience understanding. It offers a centralised goal to market it. Whereas, restaurants usually fall under specific categories like Mediterranean, Asian, etc. Thus all its offers must tandem with what it truly represents.

food, festival, free, sample, taste
A million ways of marketing!
burger, bite, food, marketing
Point is – What does the consumer bite into?

I personally find promotional activities like new menu launches, food festivals and discount offers the best ways for new restaurants to market. These help to rope in new customers who hold promise of becoming restaurant loyalists and also help in spreading a good word of mouth.

social media, instagram, food, marketing
Instagram and social media platforms have made several businesses successful!

I also recommend utilising the new social media trend of marketing by Instagram and tie-ups with food bloggers to promote your brand in positive light. A picture speaks louder than words. So, be creative and make a beautiful website and redirect users to it from digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase engagement. These ideas are not only low in cost, but also more responsive in nature. A lot of these activations can be done in house, but I highly recommend taking professional help for digital.

Comment: Do you have innovative marketing ideas for restaurant start-ups… Share them here. We’d love to know!

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